Monday, May 24, 2010

Give Me Back My Name

Dear Person Who Took My Name on Twitter and Linked to a Porn Site,

Yes, I know, I was stupid. I should have taken @LuisvonAhn years ago when I first signed up. But you have to understand, I didn't know Twitter would become such a big thing. I was just checking out reCAPTCHA on their registration page, and typed the first username that came to mind: @freakbit. (No comments, please.) Now, Twitter is big, I wanna start using it, and I am stuck with @freakbit. Would you consider giving the name back?

The real Luis von Ahn

PS: Are you also the person who has the fake Luis von Ahn on Facebook? If so, please give that back as well! I won't accept your friend request.

Update: People from both Twitter and Facebook were super helpful, so now I have @LuisvonAhn as my Twitter name, and there is no more FB impersonator :)