Friday, November 27, 2009

Serious Damage to Health

So apparently this was run as an ad for Johnny Walker in Central America. I should ask them to pay me! (The other page had my name on it.) The best is what it says at the bottom: "Causes serious damage to health."


  1. Clearly they should've hired a couple of Australian actresses instead.

  2. You should definitely ask for a payment. Especially if they pay with their products and can supply some damage to health for TGs.

  3. Shouldn't it say “bolo” (alcoholic) instead of “éxito” (success). LOL. Just joking.
    Was that for real? Or are you getting really good at Photoshop?

  4. Well Luis...If someone's taking one of your courses, I would agree that you could be seriously damaging to their health :P

  5. Maybe you can give the Dos Equis guy a run for his money. Stay thirsty, my friend...

  6. Puchicas !!! will not put the 3 letters in this W..

    where it appeared ?

    Success !! but what it has to do with JW ??? well Luis Just keep walking ;-)

    PD hay la mara de las agencias :-( que les pasa?