Saturday, October 3, 2009

Email FAQs

1. Why has the frequency of your blog posts decreased?
I'm currently too busy to come up with anything intelligent to say :(

2. Will you review this paper for me?
See #1 above. I love you though.

3. Why are you so busy?
Yep... see #1.


  1. recursion calling function#1

  2. Hey Luis, I know I should see # 1 above, but are you really that fanatic about Guatemala's soccer team? (

  3. Woah, I guess I didn't even know I was a fan!

  4. Also because people get bored (I think)

  5. Luis
    What is your favorite hobby and video game?

  6. Trascendental would be YOU to go to teach to a south-america country. That will really take your sapience to an uppward level.

    Socially and economic influential people is just about resources not about quality.

    With quality, finnaly resources show up.

  7. Ei Luís .. achei você aqui na internet pelo seu sobrenome.Nuca houvi falar de você na verdade, mas o que importa é que seu sobrenome é o mesmo meu, ashaushuaha. Faz tempos que venho tentando descobrie origens sobre o "Von Ahn", mas não achei nada = /. É uma longa história ^ ^. Espero que mantenha-mos contato para falar sobre isso e outras coisa. Grande abraço!