Friday, November 27, 2009

Serious Damage to Health

So apparently this was run as an ad for Johnny Walker in Central America. I should ask them to pay me! (The other page had my name on it.) The best is what it says at the bottom: "Causes serious damage to health."


  1. Clearly they should've hired a couple of Australian actresses instead.

  2. You should definitely ask for a payment. Especially if they pay with their products and can supply some damage to health for TGs.

  3. Shouldn't it say “bolo” (alcoholic) instead of “√©xito” (success). LOL. Just joking.
    Was that for real? Or are you getting really good at Photoshop?

  4. Well Luis...If someone's taking one of your courses, I would agree that you could be seriously damaging to their health :P

  5. Maybe you can give the Dos Equis guy a run for his money. Stay thirsty, my friend...

  6. Puchicas !!! will not put the 3 letters in this W..

    where it appeared ?

    Success !! but what it has to do with JW ??? well Luis Just keep walking ;-)

    PD hay la mara de las agencias :-( que les pasa?